Monday, November 2, 2015

Did You Know...

Did you know that Tawky Tawny was originally known simply as Mr. Tawny - the talking tiger who had no first name!  Mr. Tawny made his debut in Captain Marvel Adventures #79.

Mr. Tawny made a few more appearances with Captain Marvel and then in Captain Marvel Adventures #90, Mr. Tawny bewailed the fact that he had no first name!

Despite Cap's suggestions, an appeal was made to readers in this same edition to come up with Mr. Tawny's first name.  The person who sent in the winning suggestion would receive a full-color picture of Mr. Tawny and Captain Marvel!

After thousands of suggestions, the winning entry was announced in Captain Marvel Adventures #96.

Mr. Tawny selected his new first name, Tawky, as suggested by Detroit readers Mary Garrisi and Pat Laughlin.  Mr. Tawny's first name dilemma was resolved thanks to the suggestions of Captain Marvel fans!  Did you know how Tawky Tawny got his first name?  Now you do!!

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