Monday, October 31, 2016

Shazam's Villains

Captain Marvel's adventures provide us with some great villains from Dr. Sivana to Mr. Atom!  However, did you know that there are at least two villains Captain Marvel faced that were originally villains defeated by the wizard Shazam?  I want to look briefly at these two villains that Shazam defeated but came back and had to be defeated by Captain Marvel.

The first villain Shazam defeated was Black Adam.  Black Adam sought to use his powers for his own gain and so Shazam banished him to the farthest star in the universe.  

Black Adam returns 5,000 years later and seeks to get his revenge on Shazam.  The Marvel Family defeats Black Adam in the pages of Marvel Family comics #1 (published November 21, 1945)!

The second villain defeated by Shazam was the Mad Mummy!  The Mad Mummy appears in Marvel Family comics #79 (published November 21, 1952).   In the pages of this comic we discover that the Mad Mummy had once been the ruler of the netherworld and had sought to take over the world of the living.  The Mad Mummy was defeated by Shazam's white magic.  

Shazam had buried the Mad Mummy and his evil pyramid under the sea, but it was discovered and opened by archeologists and the Mad Mummy was on the loose again.  It took the combined efforts of the Marvel Family to defeat him and once again send him to the bottom of the ocean!

So there you have it!  Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family had to face two villains that were previously defeated by the wizard Shazam!  I really enjoyed finding these characters and will be sure to update this article if I run across any more villains like them!