Monday, November 28, 2016

Shazam, Incorporated

Shazam, Inc. is a non-profit organization started by Uncle Marvel/Dudley in Wow Comics #18 (published September 15, 1943).  Uncle Marvel/Dudley set up the office of Shazam, Inc. on the 13th floor of the Greeley Building, in suite 1313.  (Note:  In New York there is a Greeley Square Building that has 25 floors and was constructed in 1927.)  Uncle Marvel/Dudley is the President of the organization.

When Uncle Marvel/Dudley first started Shazam, Inc., it was a bit questionable what his motives were.  He took reward money for helping a man from being robbed.  Mary Marvel told him, "I'm surprised at you Uncle Marvel...we Marvels never accept pay for our fight against evil!"  Uncle Marvel/Dudley assured Mary Marvel that all the money Shazam, Inc. makes will go to help the American War Drive (America was in the midst of fighting in WW II at the time)!!

In Captain Marvel Adventures #43 (published December 29, 1944) we learn from Mary that all the money Uncle Marvel/Dudley earns from Shazam, Inc. goes towards charities and war bonds to help fund the American efforts in the second world war.

We do have a continuity issue come up when Freddy Freeman, Captain Marvel, Jr visits the offices of Shazam, Inc. in Master Comics #61 (published April 25, 1945).  In this comic, the office of Shazam, Inc. is located on the 18th floor of a particular building (no name of the building given).  One way to resolve this issue is perhaps Shazam, Inc. had to move to the 18th floor of the Greeley Building because it outgrew the offices on the 13th floor!

In each of the stories with Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr., Shazam, Inc. was called on to help someone in trouble.  In Wow Comics #18, it was protecting a man from revenge, in Captain Marvel Adventures #43 Shazam, Inc. had to fill in as carnival workers to help the owner from losing his business, and in Master Comics #61 they helped a man who had his life threatened!  In each case, the money earned by Shazam, Inc. went towards the American war effort or to help a charity.

Uncle Marvel/Dudley started Shazam, Inc. as a non-profit organization and throughout the pages of the Marvel's comics, it was seen as a great organization that did good for those in need!