Friday, November 20, 2015

Did You Know....

Did you know that the Captain Marvel Club was an unexpected hit with his fans?  In an interview with Roscoe Fawcett (son of Captain Billy Fawcett - founder of Fawcett comics) I learned that the club was an overnight success!  Here's a brief portion of the interview as published on page 12 of the Fawcett Companion.

"Fawcett Collectors of America: What about the Captain Marvel Club and all of the merchandise produced at that time... were you involved with any of that?
Roscoe Fawcett: Oh yes! We had to go out and rent an entire building just for the Captain Marvel Club... overnight! I couldn’t believe the response we got; we were flooded with mail... all of those dimes, quarters and dollars that came in! We had to hire six women who did nothing but open envelopes and empty out the money. We must have had between 30 to 35 employees hired solely for the handling of the Captain Marvel Club."

Holy Moley - they had to rent an entire building just to handle the demand for the Captain Marvel Club!  They also had up to 35 employees that did nothing but work on handling the club!  This is a great testament to how much fans of all ages love the Captain Marvel character.

Did you know the Captain Marvel Club was an unexpected hit with his fans?  You do now!!

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  1. way back when, I was a member of the Captain Marvel Club!