Sunday, November 3, 2019

Captain Marvel and the Lieutenants of Safety

Captain Marvel and the Lieutenants of Safety Issue #2

I came across some Captain Marvel comics that I had never seen before and wanted to share that with you!  I haven't been able to find out everything about them, but here is what I know so far!

In 1950, there was a three comic series published entitled, "Captain Marvel and the Lieutenants of Safety."  They were published by Fawcett and was a promotional comic.  At the bottom of page 2 of the 2nd issue it says, "Developed and published by Ebasco Services Incorporated, Copyright 1950, Fawcett Publications, Inc. Printed in U.S.A"  One website I found credits the story to Otto Binder and the artwork to C. C. Beck.  (The artwork does look like Beck's!)  Ebasco Services was an electric company that was formed by General Electric so that is probably why the comics are focused on electric safety.  

The main characters of the comics are Captain Marvel, the Lieutenants of Safety, the Master of Evil, and Demon Danger.  The Lieutenants of Safety are Captain Caution, Speedy Ade, and Sir Safety.  The villain, Demon Danger, is ordered by the Master of Evil to entice kids into dangerous activities involving electric wires, etc.

I'm sure these comics were a hit among the kids reading them, and I am sure their safety message was well heeded - especially since it was given by Captain Marvel!  It makes me think of how popular and influential Cap was to make him a spokesman for safety in the pages of these special comics.