Sunday, July 8, 2018

Comic of the Week - Special Edition Comics #1

The Captain Marvel comic of the week is Special Edition Comics #1!  This was a one-shot comic published by Fawcett and went on sale June 14, 1940* (about six months after Cap premiered in Whiz Comics!).  

The cover featured Captain Marvel and announced it was 64 pages of new adventures for him.  In the lower right, it states "Featuring brand-new stories of Captain Marvel World's Mightiest Man."

One thing I noticed about Captain Marvel is that there's been a modification to his uniform.  Notice that he's not wearing the bib-front.  But also notice that he has a belt with a letter M buckle!

This comic featured the following Captain Marvel stories:

"The Menace of Doctor Allirog"

"The Haunted House"

"Gamblers of Death"

"Sivana the Weather Wizard"

A few other notes of interest about this comic are that in some stories Billy Batson wears a red sweater with the letter "B" on the front, and in one story Captain Marvel solves the mystery wearing track and field clothes - he even takes the criminals before the judge wearing them!  This is a great one-shot comic from the early days of Captain Marvel comics!

*According to Mike's Amazing World of Comics