Thursday, October 29, 2015

Did You Know...

Did you know that there was a tie-in between the Adventures of Captain Marvel movie serial and Whiz Comics?  Whiz Comics #22 has the story of Captain Marvel and the Temple of Itzalotahui (I love that title!!).  In this story, Cap and Billy team up with two characters featured in the movie: Professor Malcolm and Whitey Murphy.  Betty Wallace is another character from the movie who was featured in Cap's comics, but she does not appear in Whiz Comics #22.

Holy Moley - this really blew my mind!  I had previously posted how the movie serial had changed Cap's origin and now to read that Billy worked on making the movie just adds a whole new level of excitement...and confusion!  It's pretty incredible to me that they would tie-in the comic with the movie and even more so when the origin of Captain Marvel has been changed.

That's my 'Did You Know' for this post - hope you've enjoyed it!

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