Sunday, October 18, 2015


Thank you for visiting my blog.  I wanted to set the tone for this blog by telling you what it is all about!

This blog is meant to be a supplement and compliment to other Captain Marvel/Shazam blogs, web sites and podcasts.  It is not meant to compete with them or take their place.  At one time I felt that I was one of the few Captain Marvel fans in existence but I soon found on Twitter and other social media that there is a very strong fan base for this beloved character.  And I also found that there is a strong fellowship among Captain Marvel fans, making for a tremendous base of support, sharing and learning.

My goal is to share bits of information as I can.  Some posts will be long and others will be short - but it is my goal that each post is informative and entertaining.  I want to talk about Captain Marvel, his character and influence, his supporting crew (Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr, Tawky Tawny, etc.), and even look into such things as some of his epic battles against evil!

So here we go!

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