Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Captain Marvel Comic of the Week

My Captain Marvel comic of the week is Whiz Comics #93.  This is one of my favorite Cap comics.  I like the story of Cap becoming a hobo to find a man and return him to his family.  It shows several admirable facets of Cap's character, facets that are hard to find in today's more gritty and dark comics.

The premise of the story is a man's house catches fire and the man thinks his wife and daughter were trapped inside and died.  The man runs away, not knowing that Captain Marvel has rescued them.  The wife tells Cap that her husband has probably returned to his life as a hobo thinking that his family is now gone.  She pleads with Cap to find him, and he agrees.  Using the wisdom of Solomon, Cap determines the best way to track him down and has quite an adventure doing so.  I won't go into detail but will say that it ends happily!

Through the story we see Cap's determination to help despite multiple setbacks.  We also see him backing down from a fight with a bunch of hobos - not because he couldn't win, but because the fight wasn't necessary.  I really enjoy seeing these good characteristics in a comic book hero.

There are also stories about The Golden Arrow and Ibis the Invincible in this comic.  These were pretty entertaining as well!

I enjoyed this comic so much that I purchased a copy on ebay (see photo above).  It's a complete edition (all the pages are there) but it's definitely showing its age!

You can read this comic online here.  I hope you enjoy reading this edition as well!


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