Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Did You Know....

Did you know that according to an interview with C. C. Beck, Shazam was drawn to look like an aged Captain Marvel?  I didn't know that until I read the interview!  Here's what C. C. said, "After giving his powers to Billy, old Shazam disappeared for good in the original story. Later, Shazam was revived, appeared in spirit form or was seen in flashback scenes. When drawn by other artists, he sometimes appeared evil and threatening, or like a madman. Nobody seemed to realize that I had drawn him as Captain Marvel as an old man. He had the same features, just altered by old age."

Here's Shazam and Captain Marvel from Whiz Comics #2.  As I look at both characters and compare their features, I can see a resemblance - especially in the eyebrows!!  I thought that was an interesting bit of information and it's added another dimension to why I like this character.

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