Monday, May 2, 2016

Introducing Uncle Blacky

Uncle Blacky is Uncle Marvel's dastardly doppelganger introduced in Mary Marvel #9 in the story, "Mary Marvel and Her Thrilling Birthday Party!"  Like Black Adam, who he gets his uniform ideas from, Uncle Blacky makes only one appearance in the pages of Captain Marvel related comics.  

The first we hear of Uncle Blacky is on the opening page of the story.  In the list of characters he is described as "Uncle Blacky, who has donned a black Marvel suit and is determined to get rid of all the Marvels."

Uncle Blacky is secretly hiding out on the floor above Shazam, Inc., and is eavesdropping on what's happening with the Marvels in an attempt to get rid of them.  We learn that he has recently formed a new gang called Crime Inc., so he needs the Marvels out of the way to carry out his criminal plans.  He even invents high-tech weapons to use against the Marvels!

Uncle Blacky's first attempt on the Marvels happens when he sends his henchmen Monk and Limpy to "bump off" Mary and Freckles Marvel.  Monk and Limpy try to dispatch Mary with Uncle Blacky's rocket pistol.  Monk and Limpy end up on the receiving end of some Marvel wallops courtesy of Mary and Freckles!

Upon realizing his first plan failed, Uncle Blacky mobilizes Slug and Spike to take care of Mary Marvel but this time using Uncle Blacky's atomic fire flame thrower!  Did it work?  Mary might have felt the heat, but she quickly dispatches Uncle Blacky's lackeys with two well placed punches!

Not to be deterred, Uncle Blacky launches his final assault.  Using potent poison gas - which could kill an elephant with one whiff - Blacky tries to wipe out everyone in the office at Shazam, Inc.  Mary quickly rushes everyone to safety and then returns to take on Uncle Blacky herself!  With a mighty Marvel swing, Uncle Blacky crashes against the wall and Mary let's him know he'll be making a visit to the warden!  Three strikes and Uncle Blacky is out - his plan foiled and his gang and him in jail.

I really enjoyed this story as there's plenty of action and humor.  I love the characters - Mary Marvel, Uncle Dudley, Freckles Marvel and Uncle Blacky - they all contribute in their own way to make this story great.  Even though Uncle Blacky makes only one appearance in the Fawcett comics, he makes a lasting impression on Captain Marvel fans!  

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