Monday, April 25, 2016

The Captain Marvel's Powers Hub

Want to learn more about Captain Marvel's powers?  This is the place!  I've created this hub to capture various links to articles on Cap's powers.  I will update it as I find new content.  As always, I hope you find it helpful!

I knew I would do a series of articles outlining each of Captain Marvel's powers when I first started my blog.  It took some time, but I researched and wrote separate articles on all six.  Here are the links to my articles on this blog:

Solomon - Wisdom  
Hercules - Strength
Atlas - Stamina
Zeus - Power
Achilles - Courage
Mercury - Speed

Here is something to note - all of Captain Marvel's powers are physical with the exception of wisdom and courage!  The non-physical powers are just as important as the physical.  For example, you can have great strength but not have the wisdom to know when to use those powers.  And you can have great powers and yet be terrified into inaction if you do not have courage.  All of Captain Marvel's powers are necessary to make him the world's mightiest mortal.

Another thing to consider is all Cap's powers work together.  An example is the strength, power and speed of Cap are all interrelated.  You need speed to generate power, and the power needs strength to be effective - you just can't have one without the other!  It's been said that the power of Zeus enhances all of Cap's powers.  

Captain Marvel's Powers links:

Ask the DC Multi-verse Historian  This article outlines the old gods and new 52 gods that give Cap his powers
Powers and Abilities from Wikipedia
Forum on Cap's Powers Comic Vine forum with interesting info!
A Showcase of Captain Marvel's Powers! from my blog

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