Monday, April 11, 2016

Introducing Freckles Marvel!

We are introduced to Freckles Marvel in WOW comics #35 in the story "Mary Marvel Meets Her Rival!"  Freckles Marvel is Mary Dudley, niece of Uncle Dudley and self-appointed cousin of Mary Batson.  Like Uncle Dudley, she has no Shazam powers but she dresses like one of the Marvel family and 'helps' them!

In WOW comics #35 we have Mary Dudley visiting her Uncle Dudley and meeting Mary Batson for the first time.  Mary Dudley let's Mary Batson know that her nickname is Freckles!  Uncle Dudley lets Freckles know she can't stay but Freckles threatens to reveal Uncle Dudley's 'secret' that he doesn't really change into Uncle Marvel, he just simply changes his clothes!  Uncle Dudley is unaware that Mary Marvel already knows that truth, so he allows Freckles to don the Marvel uniform and become Freckles Marvel!

In Freckles Marvel's first adventure she helps Uncle Marvel and Mary Marvel recover missing money for Roger Cole.  Mr. Cole had just inherited a large sum of money from his uncle, but his uncle left him clues he has to follow to recover the money!  Freckles manages to be more of a hindrance than a help, knocking down Mary Marvel, getting everyone stung by hornets, and letting the masked bad guy get away!  At one point Uncle Marvel says, "Couldn't we just dump Freckles off somewhere --like a lake?  Or a coal mine?"  But in the end, it's Freckles - not Mary Marvel - who confounds the crook and recovers the money!

Based on other adventures, we learn that Freckles Marvel comes from nearby Marveltown.  Marveltown was originally named Skunkville but was officially renames Marveltown in honor of Freckles Marvel!

Freckles Marvel is a wonderful character with a lot of depth.  She's a leader (Mary Marvel #13), a scrappy fighter (Mary Marvel #9), and courageous non-powered hero (Wow #35).  She is a fantastic addition to the Marvel Family!

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