Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Showcase of Captain Marvel's Powers!

Captain Marvel Adventures #144 (published March 4, 1953) does something very unique and spectacular for Captain Marvel fans.  In the story, "Captain Marvel and the Stolen Shazam Powers!" all of Captain Marvel's powers are purposely put on display!  While you can typically see Cap using his Shazam powers throughout all of his adventures, in this story the comic writers intentionally show Cap using each power, one by one, to defeat Sivana.  It also gives us fans a little bit more insight into these powers.  This article will take a look at each of the powers put on display for us in CMA #144.  

Solomon's wisdom is the first power displayed.  Billy received a letter with a tip that Sivana was going to attack but the letter was only signed by "A Friend."  Billy transforms into Captain Marvel and uses the wisdom of Solomon to properly determine that the letter was a ruse by Sivana to keep Cap busy in the city while he attacks a dam in the country!

Hercules' strength is the next power Cap must use as Sivana's bomb has struck the dam!  But using the strength of Hercules, Captain Marvel shoves the crack in the dam together and prevents the water from bursting out!

Atlas' stamina now is called upon as Captain Marvel must bear the weight of millions of tons of concrete on his shoulders for an hour as workmen repair and shore up the damaged dam.

Zeus' power is displayed by Cap when he catches up with Sivana and gets blasted by a nuclear rocket!  But the power of Zeus makes Captain Marvel indestructible and impervious to all harm!

Achilles' indomitable courage is needed next as Captain Marvel catches up with Sivana at one of Sivana's secret hideouts.  Sivana releases a huge monstrous gorilla to smash the world's mightiest mortal.  Empowered by the courage of Achilles, as well as being endowed with Achille's fighting skills, Captain Marvel makes a monkey of Sivana's attack ape.

Mercury's speed is the final power showcased, as Cap feels the need for speed to catch Sivana in the stratosphere as he tries to make his escape!  We also learn that Captain Marvel gains his ability to fly through Mercury as well!

The six Shazam powers given to Captain Marvel have just been used one by one to defeat another wicked plot by Dr. Sivana!  This was such an entertaining way to showcase Cap's powers, I'm really glad they did this.  I also learned some new things from this comic.  For instance, it explains how Captain Marvel is able to fly - he gets that from Mercury.  I also learned that Cap's fighting skills come from Achilles and that it is the power of Zeus that makes him indestructible!  

Captain Marvel's powers are what make him the world's mightiest mortal and it was entertaining and informative to have all his powers on display in one story!

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