Monday, February 1, 2016

Did You Know...

Did you know that the magic lightning that transforms Billy Batson into Captain Marvel is thrown down to earth by Zeus?  We learn this in Whiz Comics #125!!

In Whiz Comics #125, we find Billy Batson out for a walk when a horrible storm comes up all of the sudden.  Billy sees a young lady about to be killed by a falling tree and he says, "Shazam!" - but nothing happens!  Billy rescues the young lady himself.  Billy says, "Shazam!" multiple times and still there is no magic lightning and no transformation into Captain Marvel.  Billy asks, "Why doesn't Zeus hear me and send down the lightning bolt?"

We soon find out that Zeus is preoccupied with practicing his lightning bolt throwing for an Olympic event held among the gods!  Mercury interrupts Zeus and tells him that Billy is calling for the lightning and finally Zeus lets a bolt fly to earth, transforming Billy into Captain Marvel.

Did you know that Zeus throws the magic lightning down to earth, transforming Billy Batson into Captain Marvel?  I didn't until I read this edition of Whiz Comics!  For an additional article on Billy's transformation, click here!

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