Monday, August 6, 2018

Captain Marvel Club Card Replica

I recently found a nice replica of one of the Captain Marvel Club cards.  It's printed on heavy cardboard and the colors are pretty nice!  The original card would have had a drawing of Billy Batson on it, and by lifting up a flap on the card, Billy would "transform" into Captain Marvel!  On the back of the card is the club's secret code!

Front of card

Back of card with club code

This was just one version of two club cards that I'm aware of, and this 'magic' version came out after the original card was produced.  (You can see an image of the original card here.)  This replica was far more affordable than an original one - I've seen them priced in the $100 plus range on various sites!  While I would prefer to have an original, it's not a bad edition to my Captain Marvel collection!

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