Sunday, August 12, 2018

Comic of the Week - Whiz Comics #2

The Captain Marvel comic of the week is Whiz Comics #2!  This is the comic that launched the career of The World's Mightiest Mortal and gave us Billy Batson's background story and Captain Marvel's origin.  Whiz Comics #2 was published by Fawcett and went on sale December 1, 1939.* (DC made a great reprint of this comic which you can read about here.)

Whiz Comics #2 not only introduced readers to Captain Marvel, it also introduced them to new characters Ibis the Invincible, Golden Arrow, Lance O'Casey, Spy Smasher, Scoop Smith, and Dan Dare!

This comic featured the following stories:

Captain Marvel!

Ibis the Invincible

Golden Arrow

Spy Smasher

Scoop Smith

Lance O'Casey

Dan Dare

Think about it - what kid wouldn't love this comic?!?  It has a superhero, a mystical, magical Egyptian prince, a arrow-shooting hero, a spy, a ship's captain, a reporter and private detective!  Many of these heroes would also have their own comics, but for the most part they remained a part of Whiz Comics.

That's a brief look at Whiz Comics #2  - the origin of Captain Marvel!

*According to Mike's Amazing World of Comics

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  1. I got the DC reprint of that book when I was a small child. I read it over and over again, always wishing the next issue would come out soon.