Monday, August 28, 2017

Did You Know...

Did you know that in The Marvel Family #17 (published on September 24, 1947*) we discover a little bit of the history of one of Billy and Mary Batson's family members?  I had written previously that there have been occasions when people thought they were related to Billy simply because they had the last name of Batson.  But what we have revealed to us in The Marvel Family #17 is a true relative from seven generations ago, and his name was William Batson.

We learn about this in the story "The Marvel Family Curse!" where Freddy happens to find the diary of William Batson who recounts his encounter with the Salem Witch!  William found the witch casting a spell on his best heifer.  He captures the witch and ties her up while he goes to get his neighbors, but on his return to the barn he finds the witch has accidentally set the barn ablaze.  The witch dies in the flames but not before casting a curse on the Batson family of the seventh generation!

While we have had stories of Billy's faux family, this was a true story of Billy's distant relative.  And, it appears, taking decisive action in the fight against evil runs in the Batson blood!

*According to Mike's Amazing World of Comics

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