Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Billy Batson's Faux Family

From the very first Captain Marvel comic, we learned that Billy Batson was an orphan.  As time went on, we learned he did have a twin sister - Mary.  Mary is the only blood relative that Billy has.  However, as Billy's fame as a radio announcer grew, there were occasions where people sought out Billy thinking that they were true blood relatives.

Here are the examples I've found so far:

1.  Captain Marvel and His Country Cousin.  This story was published in Captain Marvel Adventures #26 (published June 30, 1943).  Willard Batson from Arkansas tracks down Billy Batson and introduces himself as Billy's cousin!  However, Billy finds out that there is no relationship at all.

2.  Captain Marvel and the Last of the Batsons!  This adventure comes to us from Captain Marvel Adventures #51 (published November 28, 1945).  Billy meets 'Wild Bill' Batson who claims to be the last of the Batsons from out West and Billy is his long-lost grandson!  But by the end of the story, Captain Marvel discovers Wild Bill's true long-lost grandson.  Once again, Billy meets a Batson that is not a blood relative!

These are the only examples I've found so far.  As I discover more, I'll update this article!

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  1. One of the best things about the modern series is Darla, Pedro, Eugene and the Vasquezes finally being the family Billy, Freddy and Mary deserved all along.