Monday, December 7, 2015

The Son of Shazam?

Whiz Comics #105 raised an interesting and troubling question - does Shazam have a son?  I wasn't quite sure where the story would lead when I started reading it!

Cap's adventure begins with Billy Batson reporting on Fawcett City's museum unpacking a shipment of Egyptian artifacts.  As one urn is opened, a man appears from it.  Billy Batson says the magic word, "Shazam!" and Captain Marvel appears to confront the man that has come forth from the urn.  Is it a genie or an evil spirit?  No!  Holy Moley, the man claims that he is the son of the wizard Shazam!!  The son of Shazam even calls forth Shazam's spirit and Shazam orders Captain Marvel to obey his son in all things.  Captain Marvel bows before Shazam, Jr. and tells him he is at his service.

Captain Marvel is then ordered to fly Shazam, Jr. to a location where he will build a temple.  The temple isn't for worship but will be home to a hospital, charity ward and will provide food for the poor.  But to build this temple, they will need money so Captain Marvel is ordered to be the chief fund raiser.  Captain Marvel can no longer fight crime as he finds funds for the new temple!

Crime begins to run rampant as Captain Marvel is ordered by Shazam, Jr. to not get involved.  Captain Marvel makes a trip to the Rock of Eternity to find out from Shazam himself if he does indeed have a son.  When asked, Shazam tells Cap, "Why, yes, I do have a son!" but before he can explain Captain Marvel heads back to Fawcett City feeling foolish for being suspicious of Shazam, Jr.

Shortly after his arrival back in Fawcett City, Captain Marvel soon discovers that Shazam, Jr. is a sham - he is really Magico the Magician who used his trickery to fool Cap momentarily.  Magico makes a full confession and Captain Marvel assures him that all the money raised by him will go to charity.

Captain Marvel now faces the final conundrum of the story,  Old Shazam had tried to call him back but he didn't hear him.  What was it that Shazam needed to tell Captain Marvel?  Shazam wanted to tell him that he - Captain Marvel - was his son!

I enjoyed this story and honestly didn't know where it would end.  I didn't know if Shazam would have a son or if this was just another one of Sivana's plots.  It turns out that Magico the magician used Captain Marvel's servant heart against him to try and scam money for his own use.  I've noticed that in many of Cap's adventures, his kindness and good heart is used as a weapon against him.  But as in all Captain Marvel adventures, the end of the story has Captain Marvel triumphing over the villain.


  1. Hey love your blog. I have to wonder, how did Magico even know Shazam existed or what he looked like?

    1. Now that is a great question! I just re-read the comic and really don't have an answer. I'm sure there's a plausible explanation, but I'll have to think it through. Thanks for reading the blog, glad you like it!