Monday, December 28, 2015

Captain Marvel's Character: Integrity

Integrity.  This is another aspect of Captain Marvel's character that draws me to him as a hero.  In this post I will look briefly at Cap's integrity.

What is integrity?  Here are some thoughts and definitions to help frame integrity for this article:

  • A firm adherence to a code of moral and ethical principles
  • Incorruptibility
  • "Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain." 
  • "Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching."  C. S. Lewis
An example of Captain Marvel's integrity is found in Captain Marvel Adventures #62.  In this adventure Captain Marvel is facing Oggar, the world's mightiest immortal.  Oggar is trying to take over the world and Cap is there to stop him.  They are both evenly matched in fighting, so Oggar calls for a truce to talk and Cap agrees to a temporary halt in their fight.

Immediately Oggar tells Cap, "Look, Captain Marvel, you and I can go far together!  Why not join me?"  Oggar then presents Captain Marvel with a bribe of gold!  Cap's incorruptibility comes through as he exclaims, "I don't want a penny of it!  You can't buy me off, Oggar!"

Oggar switches his bribe and places a crown on Marvel's head and tells him he can be king of the earth - second only to Oggar of course!  Captain Marvel brushes this bribe aside as well!  In both instances Captain Marvel could have become the richest man in the world and the second most powerful man in the world, but with his incorruptible integrity Captain Marvel refuses.  

The integrity of Captain Marvel is just another aspect of his character that makes him a true hero.  It's just another reason why he has been around for 75 years and I'm sure for many years to come.  In today's dark and gritty comic world it is refreshing to have a character that has integrity and provides us with wholesome entertainment and a good example to follow!

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  1. I'm really digging these "Captain Marvel's Character" segments, and I love the CS Lewis Integrity quote, that's been a favorite of mine since I was in 7th grade.

    -Kyle Benning of the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Podcast Feed