Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Tools and Resources of the Wizard Shazam

We know the wizard Shazam is the protector of earth and the vast cosmos.  But what tools and resources does Shazam use?  We can find them in the pages of Captain Marvel comics!  Here are the tools and resources used by Shazam:

The Historama (Whiz comics #2):  The Historama is a "super-television screen capable of depicting past, present and future events."

The Robe of Immortality (Captain Marvel Adventures #144): Shazam's robe of immortality protects him from harm and makes him immortal.

Shazamium Bracelet (Captain Marvel Adventures #100):  The wizard's Shazamium bracelet allows him to adopt ethereal form, and to travel back and forth between the Rock of Eternity in the wink of an eye.

The Book of All Knowledge (Captain Marvel Adventures #93):  In Captain Marvel comics you can often see Shazam use the phrase, "For as it is written, so it must be!"  And, there are times when Shazam says things have happened because that's how they were written (see Captain Marvel Adventures #80 and #144).  What was Shazam referring to?  I believe he was referring to The Book of All Knowledge.  Shazam himself tells us that The Book of All Knowledge "was written long, long ago...That book contains all the knowledge that will ever be granted to mankind!  All the wisdom of the past, the present and the future is gathered in its pages..."  Shazam uses this book to help him protect the earth and the cosmos!

An example of Shazam saying, "So it was written..."

Magic (Captain Marvel Adventures #18):  Magic is the best known tool Shazam uses.  We are told that, "There is no magic greater than that of the all-powerful Shazam!"  He has also taught Captain Marvel how to use this magic as well!

Shazam uses his powerful magic for good

The wizard Shazam has these awesome tools and resources at his disposal making him a great protector of earth and the vast cosmos!!

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