Monday, April 10, 2017

Captain Marvel's Ability to Walk Through Solid Objects

Whiz Comics #14 (published January 24, 1941) gives us a look at one of Captain Marvel's abilities - his ability to walk through solid objects!  No, I don't mean he can crash through a wall using his tremendous strength and power, although he can do that.  What I mean is he can walk through the solid object as if he were a ghost - or like smoke through a screen!

In the Whiz #14, Billy Batson has been captured by Sivana and placed in a rock-walled room with no doors or windows.  Billy transforms into Captain Marvel to bust his way out and then Sivana appears - passing straight through the walls like a ghost!  Marvel lunges for Sivana only to have him disappear again.  Captain Marvel calls upon his great wisdom to figure out what Sivana is doing.

In a matter of moments Captain Marvel has solved the knotty problem and comes walking through a solid rock wall much to the horror of Sivana!  Captain Marvel begins chasing Sivana with both of them running through the walls of the underground lair.

How did Sivana and Captain Marvel do this amazing feat?  At the end of the story Billy lets us in on how Captain Marvel figured it out!  You see, by calculating the orbits and timing of each electron and each atom in a solid wall, he could time his own atoms to pass between those of the wall like smoke through a screen!"  (Ok, folks, don't try that at home!)  What took Sivana much time and calculations to figure out, took Captain Marvel only moments to think through!  

Captain Marvel has great powers, but he also has some great abilities as well.  Just all the more reason why he is the World's Mightiest Mortal!!!

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