Thursday, March 17, 2016

Did You Know...

Did you know Billy Batson had a royal doppelganger?  In Captain Marvel Adventures #137 we have the story of "Captain Marvel and the Royal Riddle" in which we are introduced to Tommy Archer.  Tommy is a shoe shine boy and friend of Billy Batson.  Not only do Billy and Tommy look alike, they are also both orphans!  

As the story unfolds, it turns out the Tommy Archer is actually King Alfreed, monarch of a small nation in Europe.  Tommy is brought back to his nation by an evil Prime Minister who plots to kill him so he can take the crown.  Tommy is saved by Billy and Captain Marvel and is installed as the new boy king!  Holy Moley - from shoe shine boy to king in just a matter of days!

Did you know Billy Batson had a doppleganger that was a King?  I didn't until I read this story in Captain Marvel Adventures #137!

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