Saturday, October 6, 2018

Captain Marvel Facts #1

Here are some Captain Marvel facts you might not be aware of!

Because Captain Marvel was created by the wizard Shazam using magic, he can never age!  (Whiz Comics #98, April 7, 1948)

In The Marvel Family #7 (November 15, 1946) we learn that the wizard Shazam created the three Marvels, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr, so that they could always fight the three forms of evil (wickedness, sin and terror)!

These Captain Marvel facts will become an ongoing feature here on my blog - hope you find them interesting!


  1. Captain Marvel can never age. Billy Batson seems to range from about 10 to 16-17 before getting rebooted again.

  2. Good to know the real history behind Captain marvel. I was not aware of these facts. Thank you for updating us.