Monday, January 25, 2016

Captain Marvel - Brave and Bold

You might not be aware of it, but Captain Marvel makes several appearances in season 2 of Batman: The Brave and The Bold.  What makes it especially awesome to me is that Captain Marvel looks like the golden age version - almost as if C. C. Beck had animated him!  He makes a brief appearance in the beginning of one episode ("Death Race to Oblivion!") and is featured in two full episodes ("The Power of Shazam!" and "The Malicious Mr. Mind!").

In "The Power of Shazam!" we see plot lines taken from Whiz comics #2 and The Marvel Family #1.  In this episode we have Dr. Sivana and his odious offspring, Black Adam, the wizard Shazam, and Mary Marvel.  The action takes us from here (Fawcett City) to the Rock of Eternity!  It's a fantastic episode that I've watched many times.

"The Malicious Mr. Mind!" is another throw-back to Captain Marvel's golden age as we see the Monster Society of Evil back in action.  This time they not only face Captain Marvel, but they also go up against Batman, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr.  This is another can't-miss episode for Captain Marvel fans.

I would really love to see an on-going Captain Marvel animated series that looks just like these.  They do a fantastic job of capturing Captain Marvel's golden age character in an animated format.  These adventures on the small screen are worth watching!!

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